Inspiring Families to Succeed: What does that mean?


  1. usually involve parenting and offspring (sometimes children aren't biological offspring)
  2. usually have a married couple as parents (things happen, so this isn't always true)
  3. live together in the same home (things happen, so sometimes families are apart)
  4. eat meals together (either at home, in the car, or at a restaurant)
  5. share finances
  6. encourage each other

Success is difficult to define. Success is about knowing who you are, making decisions about how to be a family, and having JOY in the midst of it all. Being a family is about nurturing and encouraging every member. Being positive takes really hard work sometimes in this world, and you need inspiration!

What is inspiration?

Inspiration is being mentally stimulated, creatively engaged, or motivated to DO things. Inspiration is rarely positive when it comes from our typical pop culture, and we tend to become that with which we surround ourselves. The music we hear, books we read, movies we watch, and ESPECIALLY the people we befriend soak into the FIBER of our being. If we aren't really careful, we can become very common - run-of-the-mill, normal, and nothing special.

To be extraordinary, we must seek better input - inspirational input. You are completely capable of finding the right inspiration, but you need to KNOW to look for it. I know what and who inspires me, and I try to share that inspiration with my children. I want you to find your inspiration, too.

How does one get inspired?

Everyday life can be dull and uninspiring, so seek inspiration. Realize that without purposeful input of positive encouragement, this world will get you down.

In a garden, weeds grow without any effort at all. They show up, their roots take hold, and they flourish without watering, fertilizing, or working the soil. If you want beautiful flowers or a productive vegetable garden, it takes planning, tending, weeding, and harvesting.

My husband and I intentionally became parents, setting out to raise leaders for tomorrow. We knew it would take planning, investing in them, and tending to them every step of the way. We are working out way through this one day at a time. exists to inspire you with ideas, tips to make mundane things easier, and stories of our journey.

So, join me in this positive purpose. Inspire and be inspired!